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Homework Help: Hydrogen peroxide as an oxidising agent

  1. May 30, 2010 #1

    I recently did a reaction (see my last post for specifics) where hydrogen peroxide acted as an oxidising agent under basic conditions to oxidise Mn2+ ions in solution to MnO2

    It did look as if some gas was liberated but hydogen peroxide only liberates oxygen when it is reduced.

    Hydrogen peroxide can decompose in base so I'm thinking maybe the gas was oxygen released this reaction occuring simultaneously.

    The only species available to react were chloride ions, hydroxide ions and water.

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    MnO2 is a catalyst that nicely decomposes hydrogen peroxide. Many metal oxides do the same.

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    Ah right, so the hydrogen peroxide is oxidising the Mn2+ to MnO2 and then the Mn02 produced is actually catalysing the breakdown of any excess hydrogen peroxide.

    That would explain why some people had gas liberated and others didn't - the ones with gas chucked in loads of peroxide!
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    Thanks very much
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