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Hysteresis Friction

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    Hi Guy's, I'm starting a project to explore the physics of hysteresis friction between two surfaces.
    One flat metal surface is considered to have zero compressibility but does have grooves interrupting the sliding action.
    The second material (organic elastomeric compound) also having a flat surface, with a certain degree of compressibility (yet to be determined) and a known coefficient of friction when applied to a flat uninterrupted surface.
    I have plenty of data when applied to two flat uninterrupted surfaces.

    It's the introduction or new consideration for surface interruptions that I'm exploring direction on. I understand there will be a combination of ploughing friction (shear) and hysteresis friction (deformation). I'm wishing to calculate the addition forces required to overcome this unknown resistance.
    Any advise would be appreciated to accelerate the discovery process. Thank you.
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    Your results will most likely be highly suited to publication in the J. of Nonreproducible Results.

    The very act of running the experiment in which you make the measurements will modify the surfaces, so that when you try to repeat a measurement, it will be a different system every time. You had better think about statistical approaches and hope that you can get some stability in your results.
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