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I need some detailed information about Polaritons, and their 32K BEC.

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    I need some detailed information about Polaritons, and their 32K BEC.
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    I beg u,why everyone just look at this post! no answers!!! why? is this the policy here!?
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    First off... probably wrong forum.

    2nd- that is a horribly open ended question... why don't you give us your background about yourself and this question.

    3rd- ask a more specific question... Your question is one to ask google not this forum.
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    Dr Transport

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    Right forum, but absolutely correct, more detailed less open ended questions are necessary for us to start answering.
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    It was moved from Part/Nucl physics forum :)
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    I want to know how we utilise polaritons to create such hot BECs?
    I mean how can we reach that state?
    even a link will be appreciated!
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    This is really new research... why not just read the Science article in which they announced the result in May?

    Science 316 1007
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    Oops Not reachable!
    We are under global embargo!
    You know when jerks rule your country everything is expected.Now jerks rule our country and we can't do anything...
    if an free online source is available let me know,I've read an article in Physics World (since the luck star has shone upon me) but it doesn't have many details.

    je vous remercie beaucoup
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    That sucks- I am sorry to hear that.

    Well... maybe if you ask some more specific questions someone who is more knowledgeable in this field can assist you.
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    Claude Bile

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    I have access to this journal, PM me and we sort something out.

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