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Homework Help: IB physics extended essay HELP

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    IB physics extended essay HELP!!

    tis the season to start stressing over extended essay and i need help. i am planning to investigate how different angles of airplane flaps affect the lift of the plane when the plane is taking off or landing (because thats when the flaps come out)- you know how at a greater deflection the airplane can fly at a slower speed, etc.. anyways, you can see that i haven't exactly formulated a specific research question but its going to be something along those lines, but does anyone have any suggestions for how to narrow it down?
    also, for the experiment i need to build (a) model wing(s) to test out in a wind tunnel, but im not sure what to build it out of. should i have a single wing that has adjustable flaps so that i can adjust it at each trial? or should i have different wings for each angle i want to test? and any suggestions for what i can make it out of? my teacher was suggesting some material you spray around a mold, and then it hardens into that shape.. but other suggestions or ideas are very very very welcome. in fact being awaited.
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    Honestly, what you typed seems reasonably specific. You could throw drag into the mix if you wanted as well - that's quite an important factor when considering flap angles, otherwise everyone would just fly full flaps. ;) You could measure the lift and drag forces on the aerofoil and determine how the L/D ratio varies with flap angle, for example.

    As for making it, it depends what resources you have at your disposal. I'd maybe suggest making a symmetric aerofoil, as (aside from being easier to manufacture) they have no lift at a zero angle of attack, so your lift is only from the flaps. What size does it need to be? What sort of budget are you looking at? You could use foam, cardboard or fabric & wire if you don't have much in the way of manufacturing capabilities. Or, on the other end of the scale, you could get one made up using carbon fibre. :biggrin:
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    yeah i think i meant to put in drag in the first place anyway- like the wind from the wind tunnel blowing against the plane. the size of the model doens't have to be very big, just big enough. i'm thinking not too much bigger than the rectangular space a big laptop takes up when its open (i say this because i was staring at my laptop and there is nothing else i could think of). as for budget, im thinking pretty cheap, because i dont have much time to make it and it doesn't have to be super high tech anyway. how would the foam thing work? i still dont really get it.
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    Re: IB physics extended essay HELP!!

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