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If I have a metal mesh can I test it's resistance with a multimeter?

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    Is it possible to measure the resistance across a wire mesh with a multimeter? Thanks.
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    It would take a pretty good multimeter to measure the resistance (which is probably in the milliOhms range). What is the application?

    The type of meter you would use is a 4-wire DVM with good accuracy. You use the 4-wire technique to eliminate the resistance of the test leads from the measurement. Alternately, you could measure the resistance of the leads on a 2-wire DVM and subtract out that resistance, but most DVMs only give you resistance to 0.1Ohms resolution...
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    You could pass a fairly large current through the mesh and measure the voltage across it.

    For example, if you had a 12 volt supply and connected a 120 ohm resistor in series with the mesh, you could connect these across the 12 volt source and get a current of about 100 mA. You could measure the exact current with a multimeter which you leave in circuit.

    Then measure the voltage across the mesh (with another multimeter) and calculate the resistance.
    V = I * R. So R = V / I.
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    Thanks for the replies guys. I will try both methods and post back when I try it this weekend. Thanks again!
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