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Homework Help: Integral Help

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    Someone pliz can you solve this integral with the steps..


    the answer is... ln(x+(1+x^2)^1/2)/2(1-x^2) + 1/4(2)^1/2ln(((1+x^2)-x(2)^1/2)/ ((1+x^2)^1/2+x(2)^1/2))

    but how do i get this answer?
    please a ineed the steps
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    Re: Integral

    We don't give out solutions! Show effort through steps or you won't receive help.
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    Re: Integral

    How do I solve this?

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    I have tried the problem 3 days ....I dont know what to do..this is like a college problem.. and im still in highschool
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    Which integral are you solving now? For the former, it'll help a lot if you typed it out in Latex. Is it supposed to be like this:
    [tex]\int x ln \left| x + \frac{1+\sqrt{1+x^2}}{(1-x^2)^2} \right | dx[/tex]
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    I got to this point


    http://https://www.physicsforums.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=15381&stc=1&d=1221187139 [Broken]

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    the problem is in the image
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