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Homework Help: Integral of sec3xtan3xdx

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    integral of sec3xtan3xdx

    i tried to start this by rewriting secx as 1/cosx and that got me the integral of sin2x/cos6xdx

    after that i tried a regular substitution but that didnt work since it doesnt take care of the sin3x on top

    kinda stuck on where to go
    any help?
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    Re: integral

    Hint: [itex]\sin^3(x)=\sin(x)[1-\cos^2(x)][/itex] :wink:
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    Re: integral

    I would try: sec2x(sec x)(tan2x)(tan x)
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    Re: integral

    first guys idea worked, thanks
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    Re: integral

    tan2x = sec2x-1
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    Re: integral

    I know, just showing you another way of going about it, with thrill3rnit3 giving you a huge hint on how to go about it.
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