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Integration help

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1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
Can Someone Please Help me integrate the following please...

2. Relevant equations
- [tex]\int[/tex] x^11 e^x [tex]/[/tex] 5x^6

3. The attempt at a solution
firstly i simplified it to...

-1/5 [tex]\int[/tex] x^5 e^x [tex]/[/tex] 5

Then i did integration by parts,
u = x^5, du = 5x^4, v= e^x, dv= e^x

So i got,

-1/5 [ x^5 e^x [tex]\int[/tex] e^x 5x^4 + C

-1/5 [x^5 e^x - x^5 e^x + C ]

= -1/5C

And this seems insanely wrong :(

Please let me know what I'm doing wrong
[tex]\int[/tex]5x[tex]^{4}[/tex]e[tex]^{x}[/tex]dx [tex]\neq[/tex] x[tex]^{5}[/tex]e[tex]^{x}[/tex]+C

You're going to have to use integration by parts a few more times...
Is there an easier way to do it? Or is integration by parts the only way?
I'd say integration by parts is the best way if not the only way. It will be good practice! Good luck and remember to have fun :)
hehe okies thanks!!

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