Integration problem

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Hey everyone, I just need a little help with this integral, I just can't get it:

integral of: (1/((x^(1/2)(x^(1/2)+1)) I know this is hard to read typed out, but said it is "Integral of 1 over the quantity root x times quantity root x plus 1. I tried doing partial fractions, but then I get stuck again.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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Did you try the substitution x = u2 to get rid of the roots?
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I think I tried that, but that led me to a trig substition with arc tan and it's not leading my to the right answer, which I think is only with natural log.
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Show me what you got; none of the terms involved should be quadratic, thus no arctan function.
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Oh yea! The x=u^2 substitution did the trick actually, thanks for your help!

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