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Calculus Introductory Calculus book/online course for self study

  1. Jan 7, 2015 #1
    I would like to learn calculus from the start. I have had pre-calculus and have basic ideas about limits and derivates(though not very rigorously). Which book should I use?

    I have the book "Calculus The Easy Way" by Douglas Downing.

    I also have access to Calculus One by Ohio State University on Coursera.

    If anyone knows a better book or course, please recommend.

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    I really Adbice You to Taka a Look at YouTube Channel Khan Academy
    The best way to learn anything !!
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    There is also khan academy and mathispower4u websites both provide short ten minute videos
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    I enjoy 'Calculus' by Gilbert Strang. I think it's a very good book. It can be downloaded for free on the MIT website, so it's at least worth a look!

    I would definitely recommend it if you are self-studying. (I'm not sure how well it would work within the structure of a class.)

    Gilbert Strang also has a collection of calculus videos on youtube, I believe they are called "The Big Picture of Calculus."
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    I have heard a lot about Spivak. Is that an introductory book?
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    What? I don't get it. Why did you include my post from Chemistry?

    Edit: Oh, I get it; you must have put it in your multi-super-quote thing, as you were also active in the "What really are resonance structures?" thread.
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    Yeah. I added this accidentally when I clicked add all quotes. Sorry for the mistake.
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    It's okay. I was just wondering.
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