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Homework Help: Investigate one factor that affects the angle of refraction

  1. Jun 23, 2015 #1

    I need a suitable method and factor to investigate ONE factor that affects the angle of refraction. It has to be related to the context of everyday life and glasses, i.e. how glasses are used to focus light and the light focused is that of a refracted ray. Therefore factors such as wavelength of light or density of glass (measurements may be negligible) are not relevant. Would angle of incidence be one, but I'm struggling to understand how it relates to the context as light enters at all different angles so...?


    The attempt at a solution

    Idea = to measure the curvature of a lens and the effect it has on the angle of refraction but how would you measure curvature? Another attempt to solve = measuring angle of incidence but then how is it relevant to context stated above.
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    Read through the article on wikipedia about "Lens" (optics). That should get you going... :smile:
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