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Ionice equation help

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    Ionic equation help

    Hello, I was wondering if someone could help me work through an Ionic equation question step by step. (Its been a few years since I've done this stuff, and I think if I work through an example It'll come back)

    This is a question from my textbook. I have the answer already....just not sure exactly how to get to it.

    1) Chromium dipped into silver nitrate.

    so thats:

    Cr(s) + AgNO3(l) ---------->

    Now i understand that a reaction WILL occur here because Cr is higher than Ag on the activity series.

    Step 1 is to write a balanced equation...

    ...and here is where I start to need help..

    Cr(s) + AgNO3(aq) ---------->

    now I know that the NO3 will no be with Cr ... CrN03 and that Ag will be by itself.

    Cr(s) + AgNO3(aq) ----------> CrN03 + Ag

    ............................................ok Cr^+1 and Ag is ^+1, how do i figure out the electron arrangement of NO3 again?


    BTW the final answer is

    Cr(s) + 2Ag^+(aq) ---------------> Cr^2+(aq) + 2Ag (down)
    Nitrate ions are the spectators
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    The final answer tells you the correct oxidation state of Cr-ions in this case (+2), but you have used +1 instead.

    Redo the original equation (balance it correctly) and we can take it from there...
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