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IranAir Boeing 727 lands with stuck nose gear

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    Kudos to the pilot.
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    Wow. Nice work!
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    That was pretty awesome!
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    Amazing skill. From now on I'm only going to fly IranAir.
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    Well, wasn't IranAir having problems with nose gears?

    Nice work of that pilot, sure, but what's so amazing? After all, his own life depended on it. Also notice that wheel braking generates moments that makes the nose slam down hard, but this is not the case with thrust reversers. So all he had to do was no wheel braking and use all the thrust reverse available (follow the checklist for emergencies). There are much much more challenging situations to take care of but never seen by the public.
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    Before you posted your real emergency landing, I found these commercials. Not the real thing mind you, but they are pretty cool, nonetheless. Thought you might like them.

    UN1Op3-ZrFk[/youtube] [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzyJLtJjfqE&feature=related

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