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Is integration involved?

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    A 4.1kg block moving along the x axis is acted upon by a single horizontal force that varies with the block's position according to the equation F_x = ax^2 + b, where a = 8 N/m^2, and b = -2.8 N. At 1.5 m, the block is moving to the right with a speed of 4.3 m/s. Determine the speed of the block at 2.8 m.

    do i have to just integrate that formula?
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    All that really needs to be done is to find the area underneath the curve of that equation. You can really just use any methods that please you to do this. The result would be the work done. Then set that work = the formula for kinetic energy and solve for velocity.

    BTW, you're taking a physics course with calculus, right?
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