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Island of Stability

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    Stability would be based on the right pairing or arrangement among the population of neutrons and protons.
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    Nuclear missing link created at last: Superheavy element 117 (Update)
    Credit: American Physical Society

    http://phys.org/news189797683.html (April 06, 2010)


    http://www.ornl.gov/info/ornlreview/v43_2_10/article02.shtml [Broken]

    Presentation on Element 117 - http://neutrons.ornl.gov/conf/TRTR_IGORR/TechnicalSessions/1_Welcoming%20Session/Roberto_Presentation_TRTR%20IGORR_10.pdf [Broken] (11.8 MB)
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    How do protons and neutrons organize themselves in the nucleus? Is there an analogy between this and the best known example of electrons organized in shells in the electrons or is it an unrelated phenomenon?
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