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Keeping a gun safe at optimal temperature and humidity

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    I put in the dehumidifier inside a remington thing you charge up with power up.

    Would you think having a fan blowing on the outside of a locked safe would have any effect on keeping the guns dry?
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    Why should it?
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    It's a gun, not a cotton ball. Why would it attract moisture?
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    Why dont you put a one of those mositure sacks that come in clothes inside the safe to soak up any mositure and replace it every so often.
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    Get an airtight box for the gun?
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    I agree with Cyrus, get some silica gel packs.
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    If it is possible for air to penetrate the safe, having a fan blow on it will cause the air inside the safe to be closer to the humidity outside the safe. It'll negate the effect of the dehumidifier.
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    FYI, dessicants are temperature dependent - you can drive the moisture out by putting them in the oven.
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    My house is pretty dry so I've never needed to use desiccant cannisters in my gun safe. I'm pretty good about oiling them lightly after each use, too.

    If I lived someplace humid, I would definitely invest in metal desiccant cannisters that could be recharged by drying them in the oven. My problem is with my guitars and it's the opposite problem - I need to humidify the cases to keep the acoustics in top shape.
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