Large Sign. Need help calculating pipe size.

  1. Building a large sign. I've attached a drawing of what I'm doing. I need to make sure that 8-5/8 pipe is sufficient for sign. I live in Oklahoma and we get some nasty winds as well. Please help. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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  3. jedishrfu

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    Your best bet is to look around your neighborhood for a sign with similar area and construction and see what piping support they use.

    You could also pitch your sign project to some local sign company for an estimate and they may show you the piping they will use.
  4. I am the sign co. This is much bigger than I typically do.
  5. jedishrfu

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    How did you decide on your piping diameter? Did you use a prior project and scale it up?

    Have you seen any traffic signs of a similar size?

    I'm thinking that you may need two columns instead of one for stability.
  6. jedishrfu

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