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Le Chatalier's Principle

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    What will happen to the number of moles of SO3 in equilibrium with SO2 and O2 in the reaction
    2SO3(g) <-> 2SO2 (g) + O2 (g) H = 197kJ if the temperatrue is decreased?

    I know this is endothermic, so heat is on the reactant side and that the reaction will shift to the left, so SO3 increases?
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    Le Chateliers Principle states that any dynamic equilibruim will oppose changes imposed. Therefore heating an endothermic reaction will force the equilibrium in the endothermic direction which in your example would be to the right
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    (bolding mine)

    According to the original question temperature is decreasing. That means mixture was cooled, not heated.
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    Apologies Borek, didn't read the question properly ...... cardinal sin.
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