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Math/Astrophysics Project Ideas

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    The last step before getting my degree in Mathematics is a senior thesis that I need to write. Ideally I could combine my interest in astronomy/astrophysics with a math focus and have a thesis I'd actually be interested in writing. I'm just coming up short as far as ideas go. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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    I'd suggest something along the lines of black holes. However, as this is your thesis, it needs to reflect your interests. Try making a list of astronomy/astrophysics topics you are interested in and a list of mathematical topics you are interested in. After you finish that, attempt to link the mathematical topics to the astronomy/astrophysical topics. If that does not work, talk to mathematical and astronomy/astrophysical professors. They might be able to help you come up with some ideas.

    Good luck on your thesis.
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    Stellar physics is chock full of maths...GR obviously is more maths than anything else (almost!)...

    its a bit hard to suggest specific ideas with the possible field quite so large! Do you have any more specific ideas, stars, galaxies, spectroscopy, orbital mechanics, cosmology, CMB power distributions...
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