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Methanol Masers

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    I'm an MPhys Physics with Astro student, conducting my final year project in the field of radio astronomy (well, it's more like electronics at the moment - trying to fix a downconverter, but anyway...)

    My question: I'm interested in observing the 6.67GHz methanol maser emission. For a part of my project I think I need to know the "strength" of the methanol signal reaching Earth. (I need to be able to compare the gain of signal strength to the noise figure of my downconverter - I think this is where the problems may lie with my system!!)

    I have tried looking through various journals and websites. From what I can see, on average, the peak flux density for methanol masers varies between 200-5000 Jy.

    Admittedly, my electronics knowledge is poor, but I was wondering and have been trying to figure out, if this value is related in anyway?

    Many thanks for any help or advice anyone can give!
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    Welcome to PF, smithy! :smile:

    You ask: "I was wondering and have been trying to figure out, if this value is related in anyway?"

    I'm afraid I don't understand the question; related to (or with) what (I assume "this value" is "the peak flux density for methanol masers").

    Do you know what a jansky is?
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    1 Jy = 1x10^(-26) W m^(-2) s

    As far as I'm aware, Jansky is a measure of energy radiation, named after the founder of radio astronomy.

    Yes, I'm just trying to see if anyone knows of a connection between peak flux density (in Jy) to the gain of the methanol signal (in dB) ? I can't seem to find any useful information on methanol signal strength anywhere (except given in Jy, but then I can't work out/find out any conversion factors).

    Thanks again!
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