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    Methanol test

    Hi I was wondering if anyone could tell if there is a chemical that reacts the methanol but is also safe to consume in small amounts
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    MeOH:H2O Freezing Point Depression Calculation Issue

    I noticed that my windshield washer fluid has methanol in it to reduce the temperature of which it freezes. I know it freezes at approximately -28°C which gives us a concentration of MeOH at approximately ~30% by weight. However, when I try to calculate the required methanol using the mSolute...
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    DME from methanol dehydration?

    I've been reading that is possible to produce DME (dimethyl ether) from methanol using a catalyst. In the following website: I've found a catalyst for the dehydration of methanol to produce DME. I would like to know technical information about the...