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MIT AP Physics + High School Videos

  1. Jan 18, 2008 #1
    As exam time is right around the corner I'm looking to "brush up" on the cirriculum of my physics 11 course....
    I have looked at many of the university videos on here, and although they are very interesting and broaden my physics perspective, they are far out of the scope of my course,
    so that leaves me with the problem of clouding my brain with information that I don't need to know so if anyone could help me out a give me a few high school physics videos/documents it would be greatly appreciated :D

    PS: I am not "waiting until the last minute" or anything of sorts, I am just a bit bored with the conventional ways of studying, but I will of course be doing the good ol fashion book learnin way as my exam nears.
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  3. Jan 21, 2008 #2
    I know exactly how you mean, i am in the same predicament... so i went on browsing the web for a bit and found some very helpful sites...

    http://www.hoagiesgifted.org/online_hs.htm << scroll down to physics, the B one is my favorite... has some more advanced topics but still has ones relative to high school only..

    ^^ (this is the only link with videos...)

    http://www.physicsclassroom.com/ << i usually go here, but the site isnt working for me at the minute, i hope they didnt shut down, best resource i had...


    i haven't really looked much into that site, however its an MIT page and says it covers high school physics by offering you the undergraduate programs online for free... i think.. check it out and get back to me, looks promising..

    EDIT: http://www.glenbrook.k12.il.us/gbssci/Phys/Class/waves/wavestoc.html [Broken] << this is the older version of physics classroom, doesnt have everything PC has now, but part of it..

    Best Wishes
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  4. Jan 23, 2008 #3
    oh wow thanks! ill definitely check all of these out.
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    Re: High School Videos + MIT AP Physics

    As Senjai mentioned, MIT has a few AP courses for HS students.
    AP Physics - http://ocw.mit.edu/OcwWeb/hs/physics/physics/index.htm

    • Kinematics
    • Newton's Laws of Motion
    • Work, Energy, Power
    • Systems of Particles, Linear Momentum
    • Circular Motion & Rotation
    • Oscillations & Gravitation
    • Fluid Mechanics
    • Temperature & Heat
    • Kinetic Theory/Thermodynamics
    • Electrostatics
    • Conductors, Capacitors, Dielectrics
    • Electric Circuits
    • Magnetic Fields
    • Electromagnetism
    • Waves
    • Physical Optics
    • Geometric Optics
    • Atomic Physics & Quantum Effects
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    Re: High School Videos + MIT AP Physics

    thanx a lot bro
  8. Jul 31, 2008 #7
    Re: High School Videos + MIT AP Physics

    wow thanks
  9. Aug 4, 2008 #8
    On the subject of MIT's OCW,
    I've watch some of Lewin's lectures.
    He is an amazing teacher.
  10. Oct 25, 2009 #9
    Great links, this is just what I was looking for to prepare for the SAT Subject test in physics.
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