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Homework Help: Mode of a PDF - all data are unique

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    Question is what is the mode when all data are unique? have a set wherein the actual question is what is the inference about the PDF for the data? Median > mean but no mode......i was under the impression that PDF is only for a continuous measurements...when data set is unique...in which case it should be a probability function & not PDF.

    Please confirm...what is the mode and what if anything would the PDF look like in this case
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    The typical definition is that if all data values are different the data set does not have a mode.
    I'm not sure what the rest of your question means - what kind of inference?
    The abbreviation PDF is used for both of the following:
    1. Probability density function (most common)
    2. Probability distribution function (less common, but still done)

    To which are you referring?
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    If you have a distribution with a finite number of outcomes, each assigned a probabilty (which, of course, sums to 1), then that function (which, I think, is what you are calling the "probability function") is or at least corresponds to the PDF. It might be clearer if you were to show the entire problem.
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