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Aerospace Modeling programs

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    Can someone tell me what is the sofware used in Aeropace, the sofware a fresh engineer must master perfectly, those the employers will not give you a job if you dont know how to use them from the start? And what are in your opinion the same sofwares for a Mechanical Engineer?
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    A good engineer should be able to master any new program he has to work with in a short amount of time. A good engineer can do this because he knows what is behind the program. For instance, if you are working in the field of fluid dynamics, it doesn't matter if you work with fluent, cfx, starCD or openfoam. What matters is that you know the basics of fluid dynamics and you know what all the buttons mean. You know the consequences of pressing the button. You can interpret the results. You can analyze problems. 'Mastering a program' is in my opinion just remembering where the buttons are for a specific program. It is of course good to have experience with some software, but it is usually the physics behind it that makes the program hard to use, not the interface.
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    thanks bigfooted. then a solid knowledge in the basis is needed.
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