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Homework Help: Multibody dynamics: reverse bungee

  1. Jul 7, 2010 #1
    1. I need to simulate a reverse bungee ejection seat (carnaval ride). This is a vehicle attached to two masts with bungee cords. I know the mass, air drag and acceleration (4.8 g). The first step is to calcutate the spring constants of the bungee cords and the damping constant (relative damping of 10%)

    2. In order to calculate the spring and damping constants I have used: F=m*a. Thus F=400*4.8*9.81. I have used the original length of the ropes to calculate k and used the critical damping (critical damping=2*sqrt(k*m)) to determine c. (c=0.1* critical damping)

    3.The trouble I am encountering is with the movement of the vehicle. The displacement depends on the accelerations, but the acceleration changes over time. For the movement in upward direction I have used the following: F=m*a+Fs+Fd-m*g-D. But there are also rotational forces, becuase the vehicle spins around its y-axis, which causes forces in the z and x-direction.

    Can anyone help me with determining the proper forces?
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