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Stargazing My handmade telescope

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    Able to industry 6inch reflector telescope,but I found that the image of the edges of the mini-optical example, if I looked at the moon I saw three Oqmra

    This note I did not use the eyepiece

    My question is: Will this form reflector when not using the eyepiece? Thank you very much
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    please replay!
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    Hi Abd Errahmane! :smile:

    (you mean "reply"! :wink:)

    I think nobody's replying because we don't understand your original post …
    what is "mini-optical example" and "Oqmra"?

    and what exactly did you do (without the eyepiece)? :confused:
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    I think you really need an eye-piece to see anything
    you can use a eyepiece from something else
    like a broken binoc or microscope
    also you need to line up the telescope
    that is called collimination a quick google should bring a few guides
    on how to do that
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