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Need a Logic book recommendation.

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    Hey so I am doing a grad course on logic and skipping the undergrad introductory course. My friends have said that I will be fine but I want to get a head start and read some of what I missed in the undergrad class. here is the description for it.

    Elementary development of propositional and predicate logic, including semantics and deductive systems and with a discussion of completeness, incompleteness and the decision problem.

    the grad class has this description

    Sentential logic, first-order languages, models and formal deductions. Basic model theory including completeness and compactness theorems, other methods of constructing models, and applications such as non-standard analysis.

    So I want a book that is introductory enough to cover the undergrad course and give me a good basis for the grad course. I have never done any logic studies so this is all brand new to me.

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    I'd suggest you get a set of two books:

    Introduction to Logic (Copi, Cohen)
    Symbolic Logic (Copi)

    They should provide a sufficiently good introduction, and the second a nice way to deal with a lot of the material in the grad course. Note, though, that the second book uses slightly unconventional notation, and is significantly more difficult than the first. I don't remember whether or not it covers model theory, either.

    (I'm also not sure for which type of course you're asking this, so take this as a general recommendation, for what it's worth.)
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