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Need a Topic For Experimental Investigation

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Hey everyone,
New to the forum - I apologize if you already get heaps of posts like these....
Im in Year 12 Physics, and out first assessment piece is related to the physics of sport.
It's a typical physics project -> hypothesis, testing, report...etc

We're looking at anything relating to Sport; so that's things like Newtons Laws, Collisions, Energy Transfer, Momentum-Impulse relationship, parabolic + linear + rotational motion.

I'm aiming for an excellent grade, so I'm looking for a sport that either incorporates a number of concepts or the concept is relatively challenging.

Any thoughts/ideas??


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Is this a UK, A Level project? (Couldn't tell from profile)
I can think of a number of possible starting points:
Snooker: collisions, momentum, energy transfer
Cycling: Newtons Laws of motion, gears, mechanical advantage, acceleration
Archery: trajectories, energy in bow under tension
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Is this a UK, A Level project? (Couldn't tell from profile)/QUOTE]

Nah, I live in Australia. It's just the Year 12 QSA (Quensland Studies Authority) Physics Curriculum
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Hello .. im 17 m in phillipines .. im 4th year HS .. pls give me a topic 4 investigatory project in physics?

pls .. i need the topic tommorow .. tnx so much!