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Need advice on data converter boards (ADC & DAC)

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    Hello Everyone,

    I would need some advice on what type of down converting analog to digital Converter (ADC) board and an digital to analog converter (DAC) board to use for my digital radiometer. Here are the specs for my ideal boards:

    Analog to Digital Converter requirements:

    • Single Input
    • 12-16 Bit Resolution Output
    • High Signal To Noise Ratio (SNR)
    • Low Power Requirement (with one power supply preferrably)
    • 80+ megasamples/second throughput/sample rate
    • Overall the ADC needs to be ideal for IF sampling applications.

    Digital to Analog Converter requirements:

    • Single Output
    • 12-16 Bit Resolution Input
    • Remaining requirments are similar to the one of the ADC

    Are there any ADCs and DACs out there that could fulfill the above stated requirements? I would appreciate any feedback! Thank You!
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