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Homework Help: Network of resistors

  1. Jul 8, 2009 #1
    So i am having trouble figuring out how to approach this problem

    A) What is the current through the resistor, R1 in the above circuit?

    + --- _____________R2_________
    /.................. Joint /

    thats the circuit i have and here are the numbers

    R1 = 3 W R2 = 5 W R3 = 12 W R4 = 10 W

    whats really throwing me off is that they are in W instead of ohms i didnt know where i should start if i needed to add certian ones together like in a parallel series if i need to use kirchoffs law.

    I just really need some guidance and some explanation on how to do this

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    W is a common substitute for OHMs. So just call them OHMS.

    However, there are two R3s and no R4s.
    The circuit is illegible. Draw it with Windows Paint. Save it then attach it to a new message.
    Rough is OK as long as we can see where the wires go.

    Assure us that this isn't homework............ :)
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    W is the Latin transliteration for the Greek letter Omega.
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