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Homework Help: Not sure how to do this angular momentum, torque?

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    1. A particle at r = 2x +y + 3z (in m) is acted upon by a force F= 5x - 4y-6z (in N). What is the torque on this object (in Nm)?

    2. A 3 kg particle at r = 1x + 2y - 3z (in m) has a velocity v +4x +6y -5z (in m/s). What is the angular momentum of this object (in kg m^2/s)?
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    Welcome to PF!

    Hi Raylyn! Welcome to PF! :smile:

    Your questions don't make sense … a torque or an angular momentum has to be measured about a particular point, and your questions don't mention one.

    If it means what is the torque or angular momentum about the origin (0,0,0), then you must use the cross-product r x F or r x mV. :smile:
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