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Observing backwards time?

  1. May 14, 2007 #1
    Hi. A short question regarding relativity of simultaneity, its interpretation and maybe some terminology.

    Suppose A and B are distant space stations, at rest with each other, clocks synchronized. A rocket R travels with high speed passing A at time t=0, heading towards B. Not going into details, from R's perspective the clock reading at B could be couple of years ahead.

    If the rocket suddenly stops at A, it enters the frame of A and B, where the clocks are synchronized. After stop R will agree with A that the time at B is t=0.

    Should we say that from R's perspective time went backwards at B during the deceleration? Of course R could not really watch the event because of distance and finite light speed, but nevertheless R "observed" it (in the sense commonly used in relativity, involving calculations). Or should we think this only a coordinate system change, not an observation at all?
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