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Organic Chemistry

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    I am taking organic chemistry I and II this summer and our required text is by Solomons, is there a nice book that you guys recommend to replace/supplement this text?
    I am a math student and it appears that the orgo books follow the same trend as calculus books (Stewart, Larson, etc..) so I'm looking for a Courant/Apostol/Spivak type text.
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    This is only orgo 1 & 2. I found McMurry to be easy, but thats generally what most schools will use. Its sort of the "classic". As for immensly challenging books I don't know, nor do I think they would serve you well in introductory chem.
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    Get Clayden, as a beginner's supplement but NOT a beginner's introduction. McMurry is another clone out of the bunch.
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