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Oscillatory circuit with diode

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    The LC circuit should oscillate with its natural frequency in absence of any external agent and the energy is alternatively converted from electrical to magnetic.Suppose that i include a diode in this circuit that acts as a switch.Now the capacitor is completely discharged while diode in on state.
    The oscillation stops after one cycle because the diode is not a two way conduction switch.During the previous process the capacitor gets reverse charged.
    Can this reverse charging process be useful in any circuit?
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    Welcome to the PF.

    Could you please post a circuit diagram? It is hard to understand your question without more information. Thank you.
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    Sorry i do not have a circuit diagram for this but i consider using any of the oscillator circuit with a diode.
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    draw a diagram in MSPaint or some other graphics prog and post it here
    That way we can see clearly what you are trying to work out
    As Berkeman said, you are really not supplying enough info for anyone to give you a decent answer

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    I have tried to draw the circuit please check the attachment.

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    That is useful in that it's the basis for many circuits. If you have two of these, but one with the diode reversed, you will be able to generate both positive and negative voltage supplies.

    As the load typically draws off charge, the capacitor discharges a bit, and can then be topped up on later cycles.
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    If you put a diode in the circuit of an LC resonator, it will not 'oscillate' for more than one half cycle. The diode will cause the energy to dissipate very rapidly bu introducing a very low R during its 'on' interval.
    PS That diagram you drew is an RC and not an LC circuit. Which did you mean?
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    This is an LC circuit.
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    Thank you for your generous help.
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