Parallel-plate capacitor charge problem

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Two 10.0 -diameter electrodes 0.56 apart form a parallel-plate capacitor. The electrodes are attached by metal wires to the terminals of a 14 battery. After a long time, the capacitor is disconnected from the battery but is not discharged.
a. What is the charge on each right after the battery is disconnect? What is q1, q2 in coulombs

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I have tried several attempts, but still have the answer 1.74*10^-10. What have I done wrong.

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This is how I did the work.
pi*.01/4=.007853982*8.85418/.0056=12.42*10^-12*14=1.74*10^-10, 1.7*10^-10 Answer in 2 significant digit?
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Is one saying that 1.7*10^-10 is the answer?

1.74*10^-10 in two significant digits would be 1.7*10^-10.

It would also help if one provides units. I would guess the capacitor plates have a 10 cm dia, and are 0.56 cm apart?

Also, please write all the equations. Please see -

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