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Parameters of engine design

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    hey i am engineering student i am interested in designing a ic engine. I want to know necessaries and parameters for designing a engine

    hey please provide some reference for it

    thank you:smile:
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    Welcome to PF.
    That will depend on the application of your IC engine.
    Exactly what do you want to use the engine for?
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    automotives like cars
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    i am not specific about power sir,

    i know about basic operation of an 4-stroke gasoline engine.
    can i have some material to learn in depth about automotive engines
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    Thank you again sir
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    Since you have some knowledge of IC engines, it is a case of building on that knowledge.
    We cannot name one general document unless you can be much more specific about your stage of learning.

    I really think the best way to advance your interest is to attend an engineering library or to google search the particular topics that interest you now.

    It is better to ask questions on PF about specific design details, rather than about broad generalities.
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    jack action

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    There is a book in the automotive industry commonly referred to as the "engine bible" call "Internal Combustion Engine Fundamentals" by John B. Heywood. It is a great read, and it covers Otto cycle and Diesel engines. It is a common book for course work at universities and would likely be found in a university library. I hope this helps.
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