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Homework Help: Phone a friend question and specific heat

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    Suppose I have the following materials with specific heat values as given:

    Material A 5500J/kg.K

    Material B 3900J/kg.K

    Material C 9000J/kg.K

    If I supply the same amount of heat to each which one will have the largest temperature rise?

    More importantly why?
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    Can you give me a definition of specific heat? Look it up in your book, if necessary.

    - Warren
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    Q=Energy, c=specific heat m=mass delta T is change of temperature

    Specfic heat is #J/kg.K where Kelvin is the Temp and J is joules.

    The specific heat of a material is the amount of heat required to raise 1 Kg sample of the material, one Kelvin.
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    That sentence is all you need to answer the question.

    - Warren
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    So Material B because it has the lowest specific heat rating and won't require as much heat as the others?
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    Yes, therefore you use materials with high specific heat in cooling systems...
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    Okey Dokes - Thanks Nomy and Chroot - I appreciate your help.
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