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Photo electric effect relate to determining the charge of an electron?

  1. Dec 8, 2003 #1
    how does the photo electric effect relate to determining the charge of an electron?
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    I'm not sure that it does.

    The photoelectric effect is where incident photons have sufficient energy to knock electrons out of their captured state - ie ionise the material. Charge is irrelevant here.
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    If we apply formula for Photoelectric effect i.e.

    [tex]k_{max}=E_{photon}-\phi(work function of metal)[/tex]

    now if we are able to stop the fastest moving electron with cuttoff voltage such that [tex]eV_0 = K_{max}[/tex]
    so we can calculate e from above equation

    But i'm not sure whether this is applied for charge calculation
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    The classic experiment for determination of electron charge is the Milliken Oil Drop Experiment. Or, as I call it, the Milliken Eye-strain Experiment.

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    Yes its true classical method was developed by Milikan

    But i read somewhere that he manipulated with his readings , is there any controversy
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