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Physics string tension problem

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    two blocks are connected by a strin over a frictionless, massless pulley suck that one is resting on an inclined plane and the other is hanging over the top edge of the plane. the hanging blcok has a mass of 16kg and the one on teh plane has a mass of 8 kg. the coeficient of kineticfriction between teh blck and the inclined pane is .23. the blocks are released from rest. the angle of the plane is 34 degrees.
    what is teh acceleration of the blocks
    what is the tension in the string connectin ghte blocks
    i got .3967 as the acceleration and 218.38 n as tension
    any help thanks
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    The actual acceleration is about 10 times what you got.

    If you think about it. The greatest accelerating force, from the 16kg block, would be 16g, which is about 160 N. Yet you got over 200 N as tension in the string. That would pull the 16kg block upwards !

    How did you tackle this question ?

    Could you show what work you did ?
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