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Please Please Someone help ! Is this science fair project for real ?

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    So I have this guy whom I asked help from for my science fair Project , he showed me something like this he had one meter like thing which he called micrometer(Sorry if I am acting dumb ). And there were two wires coming out of it one of which was attached to a Copper plate and other to Aluminium plate . So when you keep one of your hands on copper and other on the Aluminium plate the meter showed some readings it was different for different people . Now he told me that The lesser the reading on the meter the better is the coordination in your nerves . He calls this measurement of coordination of nerves . Is there something like this ? Please tell me how all these things work or suggest me some website where I can get information out of .
    Thanks in advance :D
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    Sounds bogus. What is coordination in your nerves? And I don't understand what a micrometer has to do with any of this.
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    I guess its a Ampere meter which calculates the current flow .
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    Okay well this is a micrometer. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Micrometer

    In any case, current flowing from one plate to another certainly cannot calculate nerve coordination, whatever that is. This sounds like some Scientology business haha.
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    Most likely microammeter. Wet your hands with salty water before touching electrodes to make the measurements skyrocket. Nothing to do with nerves, just an Ohm's law (plus some electrochemistry).
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    But how is the readings in the micro ammeter different for different people ??
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    Can ya help me with this I have to make a project actually a working model on something related to physics and as mentioned in the question Thats all i got Can i make something with it ?
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    Would it make more sense for readings to be the same?

    It would likely have to do with things like the surface area of the connection. Borek suggested using salt water to decrease resistance between the metal and your hand, allowing more electricity to flow.
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    So Can it be a good physics science fair project ? Hey Can i do something such that the person who touches it have their hair stand with some Static electricity thing ?
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    I feel like you aren't listening to what I'm saying. Because of that, I'm out. (I always wanted to drop one of those Dragon's Den lines).
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    Hey Please dont abandon me ! I have to get it ready by tomorrow
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    Abandon is a strong word. You should probably look towards thinking of your own idea.
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    See the list of "Similar Threads" at the bottom of this page for more ideas on Science Fair projects. You can also use Google to look for more ideas (there are thousands of them).
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