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Plotting x vs 2*x is it possible? (Reaction kinetics)

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    I red in reaction kinetics that if you plot the concentration of A againts "some constant times the concentration of A", the constant will be the slope of a straight line (check out the photo i attached). This threw me a bit off, so let me just make sure i understand this:
    So i assume it's possible to plot x vs x? and so if you plot let's say 2x vs x you can deduce that the slope of the line must be 2, because as you go one x in one direction you go 2x in the other direction? kif that how simple it is?

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    Ahh now i see it, of course, if you plot a graph y=1*x it's like plotting x vs x because y=x and the slope will be one, so if you were trying to derive some constant (in reaction kinetics it's the rate constant) it would be equal to one in this case :)
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    Sorry but show you have not even the first idea of kinetics, and we can't engage with you till you have studied at least something of it.

    You have maybe worked out yourself that plotting x or 2x against x gives you straight lines but you need a book that takes you beyond that starting insight - any book for later years of high school math.
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