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Points on the curve of intersection

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    hi i need to find the points on the curve of intersection of x^2+(y-1)^2+(z-1)^2 = 1 and 2x + y + 2z = 4 which are nearest and furthest furthest from the origin. Also the min and max distances. I'm not looking for you guys to do this four me, i'm kind of lost and dont know where to go. I think i'm supposed to solve one of teh equations for a variable such as y = 4 - 2x - 2z and plug it into the other equation to get the curve of intersection but i;m not sure what to do from there and if thats even correct. I think my teacher also said something about setting one of the equations = to z cause tahts going to be the maximum.
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    This sounds like a Lagrange multipliers problem!
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