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Homework Help: Probability - Tree Diagram problem

  1. Feb 7, 2016 #1
    Please delete this, I made a mistake with the problem and text book.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2016
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    Can you describe your intent with the attached tree? That is, how have you chosen your labels on your branches? Why do you know there is something wrong?
  4. Feb 7, 2016 #3
    Because it ask me to write down the distribution of X=1 and Y=2 and I don't get the correct answer.
    and the only part that don't match is where I circled.
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    @MostlyHarmless: @masterchiefo: Masterchiefo it is contrary to forum policy to delete your question after it has received a response. And MostlyHarmless, this is why posters are encouraged to include the quote in their post by using the "reply" button to prevent the OP from destroying the thread.
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