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Program / Software for class notes and summaries

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    Hi there,

    does anyone know a software or program that i can use to quickly sketch / draw and write as if i was writing in pencil ?

    For instance, paint is of no use, because it can't be edited. Photoshop is kind of hard to simply make straight or curvy lines without too much trouble.

    So, any ideas?
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    If you are running Windows 7 or Vista, you can use Windows Journal (which is part of the installation).
    It works better if you have a stylus...
    e.g., with a Wacom tablet... or better: a real TabletPC.
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    You could try google sketch up. I found it awkward to use, but maybe your better with programmes like that than me.
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    My son is using MS OneNote and seems to like it. It's a planner and note taking software package.
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