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Program unstable these

  1. Jul 29, 2004 #1
    I got a software byut just those days, it seemed like going mad and stoped running :Confused:, I desperately looking for a reason to make it clear
    I have only one program and I swear thats the only one. What can I do now without it ?
    Where do i have to check ?
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    Huh? What are you talking about?
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    He was asking where his software's error was because that soft didn't work fine and now he is desperate!

    Oh I couldnt say how much I like his SWEAR and WHAT CAN I DO WITHOUT IT. Both sound really nice and are easy listening words...
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    First of all, for the OP problem, I actually don't understand what you mean by "a purchased sofware going mad these days". When your using software have some strange problems i think you should check for viruses in your system first, and even when there aren't any trojans or similar stuff there, you have still have the original CD right ? why didn't you install it again, which I think things will move on smoother then ?
    Therefore, that is still yours, the only one... Buying another will waste your money and time when some basic steps can actually eliminate all such the troubles....agree ?
    I am sorry I was so wrong, I would like to say something for a real 'stop' to the noise out there and people's laughters. There are things that mightnot stop for me but I actually don't care about that.
    Here is what I think I should say to clear up things that are happening...
    There weren't/haven't been anything between me and Marylander in actuality...I lied ! I just sometimes like to make jokes for fun like that, because I am quite bored these days...Yell at me with any words that you think can make you feel better, I am listening. True! I won't write much because I don't even know what to write, I just think I should make a promise to you that I will never do or say or chime anything in between you and Marylander from now on, okay ?
    I don't know how powerful you are, but I honestly tell you this that no one, I stress no one, has ever known or sayed anything correct about me so far...That is all I think I should let you know.
    Galathaea, your signature is always right "It is hard to believe in something that you don't understand", and I also think people can also make a song whose lyrics's meaning can make you gain more confidence in something wrong you yourself created...
    My decision is what I promised and whether or not you make up your mind to do what is for yourself is up to you then.
    I am not a healer or a Japanese cop, because I can't catch me and heal my own wound...I hope you get my points, best wishes and best luck...


    I think I still want to talk to Proffessor Moonbear and many others, I won't leave...C'est la vie! I always take it for granted...
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