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Homework Help: Pulleys, torque and tension

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    A 1.2 kg mass and a 7.1 kg mass are connected by a massless string over a pulley that is in the shape of a bicycle wheel (all mass is concentrated at the rim) having a radius 0.25 m and mass 4.6 kg. Determine the time for the masses to move 2.6 m starting from rest.

    2.714 sec
    0.223 sec
    1.55 sec
    1.68 sec
    1.077 sec

    T1 = 7.1kg, T2 = 1.2kg

    T1 - m1g = -m1a
    T2 - m2g = m2a
    T1R - T2R = I(alpha)


    I was just wondering if I set these equations properly. I substituted and got an answer similar to E except its off a little even though I didn't round. Thanks in adv!
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    Hi PhrozenN, welcome to PF.
    Unless you show your calculations we are not in a position to point out your mistakes.
    So please show your calculations. By the way, which expression you have used for the moment of inertia for the pulley?
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    I = mR^2 since its a rim-like thingy

    T1R - T2R = I(a/R)
    m1(g-a)R - m2(g+a)R = mRa
    a = 4.44 m/s^2

    x = vt + 0.5at^2
    t = 1.082
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    Check the calculation of a. I am getting the correct answer.
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    Oh, I did the calculations wrong
    I got a = 4.48 so now it's 1.077

    The equations are set properly right? Thanks btw
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