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Question about engineering

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    I dont know if this is the right place to post this, but i need some advice on something...

    I have this internship interview next Tuesday, and i'm freaking out. This is my first internship interview, and i really want to make a great impression on the company. Does anyone have any advice on what they will be asking and so forth? My emphasis is power and control systems, and i'm guessing i better review all that good stuff just in case they ask me some theory stuff...but other than that, what type of questions should i be expecting. THanks
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    Expect them to ask you about your class load and any coursework you've done so far. They know who they are interviewing and don't expect gobs of experience.

    What they will ask you from there is really dependent on the individual doing the interview. That being said, the general things I look for are:

    - Is the person motivated/excited to be interviewing for the job?
    - Is the person someone who appears to get along with other people?
    - Does the person know a bit about the company/business sector?
    - Is the person willing to learn?

    Those are the top hitters for me. I always tried to think of interviews like formal discussions with my professors, not an interrogation or test.

    Hope this helps.
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    I'd emphasise the last point. I've had a load of interviews recently, and the one piece of feedback which I keep getting is "when you didn't have a clue how to answer one of our questions, you asked us!". If you show an interest in what they do (and how they do it), then they know you're going to learn and develop whilst doing your job. Resist the temptation to bullshet your way through an interview; they usually see right through it.

    Good luck!
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    Right on! The first 'real' job I ever had I was asked in the interview flat out: "Do you know what we do here?" Since I knew the company very well I answered and it was all easy after that.
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    Brewnog brought up a good point. Always ask questions of the interviewer during the interview. If you go on a tour of a facility or such, that is a great opportunity to really start asking questions about everything they do and to show that you are interrested in what is going on.
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    thank you for all of your advices...

    What type of questions should i ask about the company? Since i already know what the company manufactures, should i ask something about that? I mean, what are some good general post-interview questions...
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