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Homework Help: Question in (Conduction ) A steel plate 2 cm thick

  1. Nov 14, 2013 #1

    A steel plate 2 cm thick is maintained at a temperature of 550 C at one face and 50 C on the other .
    The thermal conductivity of stainless stress at 300 C is 19.1 W/mK .

    Compute the heat transferred through the material per unit length ?

    Answer : -

    we have q = - k . A . (dt/dx)

    q = - k . (l.h) . (dt/dx)

    q / (l.h) = -k( (dt/dx) )
    = 477.5 w/m^2
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    There is something wrong with the problem statement. It should be "per unit area". Also, it looks like the answer is off by a factor of 1000.
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    Pls explains your variables in the context of the problem.
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