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Homework Help: Rate of Quanta Emission

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    A radio station operates at a frequency of 103.7 MHz with a power output of 200 KW. Determine the rate of emission of quanta from the station.

    Well I know the frequency and the power.

    I know the number of photons a second = (Power * Area) / ( Plancks Constant * Speed of Light ) / Lambda

    I think this would be the right equation to use but I am lacking the area. I believe you can find the wavelength by using the speed (C) and the frequency. Just unsure about the rest
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    Just to make sure you're looking for the right thing... the "rate of emission of quanta" means the number of quanta per second.

    A watt is one joule (of energy) per second, so they're telling you how many joules per second the radio station emits.

    What quantity do you need in order to go from joules per second to quanta per second?
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    The frequency?
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