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Homework Help: Reaction question

  1. Jan 18, 2010 #1
    we mix 0.5 moles of A
    1 mole of B
    2 moles of C
    in a one litter container

    after it blances we find 0.6 moles of A
    find K for
    =(is a sign where two arrows go in different directions)
    2A =B+3c
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    1. How many moles of A have been formed?
    2. How can you use this to find how many moles of B and C have been used?
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    1. 0.6 moles
    (0.5/1 +1/1+2/1)=output
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    1. No, you are mistaken. You started with 0.5 moles and ended up with 0.6 moles. 0.1 moles have been formed.

    2. Look at the reaction. How many moles of B or C correspond to 1 mole of A? Then use this information and find the concentrations of B and C.
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